Thursday, February 01, 2007

Good Feeling

Life is just so strange and wonderful. There is the thoughtfulness and generosity of friends which never fails to amaze me, and there is this timing thing. And how it all works, I really don't know. But it does.

I was having The.Worst.Day.Ever. I kid you not. After hours spent on the phone, I went to check mail and saw a white tube. My first thought was, "What now?" Then I saw little shamrock tape on the end and I knew exactly what it was!

Fantastic New Year's cracker chock full of good wishes. I couldn't bear to tear it apart so I fished it all out with a tweezer. Little hands fought for the balloon and kiss, but I did manage to grab that yummy lip-gloss (although I found a little tooth mark it it later).

Thanks, Jen! Your well wishes couldn't have come at a better time!

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Jennifer said...

Yeah! Happy (belated) New Year!