Friday, February 02, 2007

Just Like the Other Girls

I wanted to show you some cute aprony goodness, but my daughter informed me this evening that she did not want me to make a gift for her friend's birthday. She wants to buy her something "like the other kids". Okay then. I managed to hold back the tears until she was snug in her bed and fast asleep.

I understand, I really do.

When I was in Kindergarten and first grade, my mom made almost all my clothes. I hated them all. I just wanted to be like the other girls. I didn't want to wear dresses that flew up over my head when I was flying through the air on the swings. I loathed the polyester pants with the elastic waist and the billowy blouses. All I wanted was jeans and tennis shoes. I bet she felt like I feel now.

I'm not giving up though. Little Scarlet likes picking fabrics and patterns for dresses and skirts, so clothes aren't really a problem. Yet. I just need to come up with better gifts. Apparently aprons are not on the Kindergarten hot list this year. Any ideas?


Heidi said...

Are kindy kids too old for paper dolls? Sarah cut some out and put them on magnetic backing and they were adorable!

Jennifer said...

Crying right along with you, sister...

They have these kits
at Target (in the "International" toys aisle). They are really cute, and packaged well. They still have a crafty element, but since they are sold at a store, they may fall into the category of what "the other kids" would buy. There is a range of prices and age-appropriateness

shannon said...

Hi There,
Recently found your blog and love looking at what you are up to. The apron would have been so cute, I love the fabrics. One idea is a little tote bag filled with goodies. Sally over at Shim and Sons always has such inspirational ideas, here is a recent post she had with a tote bag she made for a young girl. Good Luck!

Scarlet Tanager said...

I took a little survey while at the party and all the girls say they love paper dolls (even though a few didn't know what they were, they still love them). Thanks!

I love FunkyMoose. I have never seen anything like that at our Target, I don't even think we have an international toy aisle. I'm checking it out though because those kits are cool.

Hello, nice to meet you. Thanks for pointing out Sally's birthday totes, they are fab. You have a lovely little blog, I'll visit often.