Monday, January 29, 2007

Sanford and Wife

In case you are wondering what's going on over here, I am in the middle of a dejunking. My goals for January were:
1.Get a new car.
2.Clear out any unnecessary items around the house.
3.Streamline my systems for monotonous housework so that when I am working on a project, the whole house doesn't go to pot.

Okay, so I got the car. Yippee! That's another post.

Now, about the dejunking...funny things happen around here when I start getting rid of stuff. The kids don't need to be told to put their toys away as often, and when they do misplace something, I am the first to feel their accusatory glances and suffer their pint-sized interrogations.

Then there's the the whole problem with the Mr. After an intervention several years ago involving a 200lb footlocker full of "memories" he is much improved, but still not perfect. He can let go of stuff more easily now, but he seems to think that if we have made an empty spot somewhere, his job is to fill it with something as quickly as possible. He likes to acquire. Now, don't get me wrong, I acquire quite a bit myself. We just acquire for different reasons. When I go out thrifting or cruising "the peoples" trash pile, I am looking for specific stuff I can use right now or in the near future. He has a tendency to bring home anything anyone is getting rid of. Regardless of why they are getting rid of it. Just today he calls:

"Hey, do we want a broken laptop?"


"Huh? It's fr..."

"What kind did you say it is?"

"It's a Dell."

"No, I mean what kind of laptop did you just say it is?"

"Oh, well it's not really broken, just busted. Someone stepped on it, so about a quarter of the screen stays black."


"But it's your dream to be able to lay in the bed at night and blog and stuff."

"And it must be your dream to lie beside me while I fuss and yell and quite possibly give you five across the lip because I can't conduct business on a broken laptop."


The Film Geek said...

Aww....I think that's so sweet! But, I have a bad habit of looking at the laptop as 3/4ths working, rather than 1/4th broken.

I'm a bit of a PollyAnna. :)

Stanton said...

But it's FREE! It's like a $700 laptop right? So it is, as Film Geek points out, 75% OK. That's like throwing away $500!

I feel his pain.

BTW, I love your blog. First comment but long time lurker.

Scarlet Tanager said...

Simmer down now, boys.

I just like giving ol' Jackie a hard time. Do you think I would let a free laptop slip through my hands? I was searching for a new screen before we even got off the phone.

Stanton, thanks for stopping by. I enjoy your blog as well, and some pumpkin head tells me you are a pretty swell guy.

The, it is always a pleasure.