Tuesday, April 29, 2008

a-tisket a-tasket

When I found this cute picnic basket at an estate sale last week I thought it would be the perfect place to hide all the unsightly, yet necessary pile of papers and phone books that reside beneath our desk.

It sat in the dining room, housing the fabric, Mason jars and large antique car trophy that came home with it(the boy insisted he must have that trophy and I do admit it looks very handsome atop his bookcase beside his soccer trophy, giant pine cone and picture of mamaw's poodle) until one day I noticed the rabbit checking it out. Suddenly, the dim little light bulb in my mind that barely shines these days glowed bright, compact and fluorescent.

We used to have several pet-carriers in various sizes but I have no idea what's become of them. Since the cat's don't travel much, I generally use whatever's available to transport them to the vet. The bunny however, is a whole different ball of wax.

Noble was a caged, outside rabbit (not that there's anything wrong with that) but since he has come to live with a crazy woman who is going through some sort of mental weirdness because she realizes her children are growing up and she isn't going to have any more babies, he now enjoys a much different kind of lifestyle. The kind that affords him a souped-up litter box, free reign of the house and back porch, lots of cuddling as well as daily treats of apples, birdseed and dandelion greens (oh alright, and sometimes cookies).

He travels quite a bit (my apologies if you are one of the women I have made fun of in the past for toting your silly little dogs around, and my apology to you too, mom, for thinking it was asinine to cram four dogs into a car and travel around the country...it seems perfectly logical now) and while he loves to ride in the passenger seat, occasionally standing up to look out the window, there have been times when he's really needed a carrier. He just never seem to like the ones we've provided.

For some reason, the carrier my husband brought him home in made him really nervous...

and he didn't much care for the one I used to take him to the vet, either.

So I've come up with the perfect solution...

The bunny basket.

It's cute and stylin' and he loves it.


telfair said...

Okay, I'm sure that *all* rabbits are pretty cute, but THAT rabbit is THE cutest one I've EVER seen. It makes me want to pick it up and hug it and cuddle it and name it George (just like in those old Bugs Bunny cartoons.)

Anonymous said...

i love him!

i also love the first picture of him in the pot

I need to come take pictures of him :)

Juanuchis said...

Telfair, right on! Noble is the cutest thing I've ever seen! "I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him and love him..."

Juanuchis said...

By the way ... where did you get Noble?

Like I should be asking. But he's so cute it's criminal.

Scarlet Tanager said...

Thanks telfair and juanuchis! He is very soft and cuddly, but he's a bit bitey too, so he lets me know if I hug him and squeeze him and love him and pet him too much.

Juanuchis, I bought him from a woman in Clendenin who raises a few different kinds of rabbits. She was downsizing her angora herd because she has carpal tunnel and it hurts her hands to groom them.
I think she may have a little doe for sale and I also know another lady who has several litters that are going to be weaned soon. I don't know how many she will sell, but I'll find out soon.

I come right through Weston when I visit my folks...I could certainly drop off a bunny, or two, or three. :)

Juanuchis said...

PJ just updated her angora website since yesterday, and it looks like she has two litters that are about 3 weeks old.

Oh, my, my, my ...