Friday, April 11, 2008

seven fairy army

Little Scarlet's Brownie troop had a fairy-themed party and the girls were asked to bring something for a swap. We made these cute garden fairies from wooden beads, pipe cleaners, felt and some of the mohair that I bought a few weeks ago. We made twenty all together, but it went quickly because she and I were able to work together.

Little Scarlet glued the heads and hands on as well as chose the hair/dress color combos and I did the sewing and hair-gluing. We stuffed a little wool into the chest part to give them a bit of body and their felt dresses are stiff enough to make them stand up.

Sometime after the swap, I found an extra head rolling around and decided to make a companion for the gnome ornament I made at Christmas. She has a cotton dress and I like the look much better, but I want her to stand up. I looked at Michael's and found clothespins and the bases, but the head of the clothespin is too small and the head beads they had to fit them seemed huge. I guess I need to ask Alicia and Sarah where they get their supplies because their dolls are adorable (so adorable in fact, now I want to paint cute little faces instead of the rushed Sharpie job I did on Gnorm).

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Heather said...

how sweet!