Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sorry, Wrong Mother

Several days ago we were at a feed store that had colored baby ducks. One was green and one was orange. My husband (who is color blind) asked me if the ducks looked weird, and I told him that they were dyed. "You know, like the chicks your mom had that time." He said his mom never had any dyed chicks, they had chicks that were different colors, but not dyed.

"There's a picture of her with those chicks, I can see it perfectly in my head. Your dad bought them for her for Easter." We argued a bit and even put a wager on it, which I never do unless I'm 100% sure of something.

A few days later I talked to my MIL who swore that they never had any dyed chicks, ducks, anything. Convinced that everyone had developed some sort of dementia and I was the only sane person left, I began searching through the photo album (actually an old cookie tin) for the picture. I didn't find it.

This morning while I was trying to catch up on everyone's blog posts, I scrolled down through The Felt Mouse (sweet baby blanket, Jen) and suddenly my stomach did a complete flipflop.

Take a look. Read the story. Okay?

Just for the record, Jen's mom and the Mister's mom looked a lot alike in 1970.


Jennifer said...

This is such a funny story! I'm glad you were able to solve the mystery.

Sarah and Jack said...


leslie said...

oh my gosh, so funny! i could see that happening to me, totally!

Heather said...

LOL Classic!