Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Glitter on the Highway

Normally I would work on one costume at a time. Finish one, then move on to the next. I guess I thought I would shake things up a bit and work on all of them simultaneously. Now I didn't go buck wild and start them early or anything. I had way more important things to do for that. Like make felt bags...and little catnip toys for the kitties.

I'm sure there are people out there who can work on several projects at once with no problems. I also bet they are a fairly organized bunch and make neat little lists of what needs to be done and check it off as they go.

Not me. I like to live dangerously. I say just cut out all the patterns and throw them in a big pile. That way, I can spend endless hours searching for the pieces I need. I can't tell you how many times a fairy part almost ended up on my pirate and vice versa. The husband faired pretty well, as his costume was about 90% finished by the time all the swearing and hair-pulling began.

Even the furballs, who are generally content to just to lounge around in the fabric, caught my madness and had to be separated to keep from making an even bigger mess.

Sometime in the wee hours Thursday night, after the cupcakes had been baked and the fairy's dress was finished, I ran out of elastic and could not finish one of the pirate's sleeves. Since I had fallen into a nice rhythm, I decided to make boots. The ones on the pattern envelope looked kind of lame and nothing like a real pirate would wear. If you ever try to make boots, please do it when you are alert and fresh and maybe outdoors because the fumes from the cement can cause you to lose more than a few brain cells.

I'll post more about the boots later.

I made fairy wings from this tutorial and I was quite impressed with the way they came out. The better part of Friday morning was spent searching for glitter. After the holidays I am seriously considering opening a convenience store around here that sells the things people really need like good dark beer, lindor balls... and every shade of glitter. I finally bummed some from my son's preschool teacher. Who knew that big curtain in their playroom hid a giant wall of glitter?

After glittering the wings (along with everything else in the house) I ran off to Little Scarlet's Halloween party. Three hundred or so kids paraded, tricked and treated themselves into a sugar-induced frenzy and then I shoved the family, fairy wings, the mostly finished pirate, He-Who-Cannot-Be-Named, a tux, a flower girl dress, some Sculpey and a big bag of craft stuff in my tiny little car and headed to Canaan Valley for my sister's wedding.


Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

You're so creative! I just love it!

Happy Halloween!

Jenny said...

Those costumes were all awesome! I kinda like your mini-wings better than the fullsize, though... they're much cuter. :)