Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thanksgiving Swap

Stepping onto the porch, eyeballing the mailbox and surrounding area for anything of interest: a package, the familiar red envelope with a new movie, December issue of Martha Stewart...anything but bills. Only after wrestling with and losing the wad of rolled-up envelopes that were crammed into the tiny box (the game that mailman Mike and I play- he sees how much stuff he can cram into my old iron mailbox and in return I leave increasingly heavier books for him to return to the book club, saving the biggest for very rainy days) did I see the little brown box with the green turkey over in the far corner of the porch. Yippee!

Three little gobblers came bounding out...followed by round fuzzy pumpkins.
A beautiful garland of wool leaves that look perfect on the mantle.
All this Thanksgiving craftiness is from Shanna. I already knew Shanna is way talented and way motivated. The Energizer Bunny of the craft blogosphere, she can always be counted on to have new projects completed before the rest of us even get started. What I wasn't prepared for is how tremendously sweet and thoughtful she is. In addition to the awesome Thanksgiving decorations, Shanna designed labels for my projects.
Aren't they fabulous?
Thank you so much, Shanna. I am blown away by your craftiness and deeply touched by your thoughtfulness. You are truly fabulous, dahhling!


craftydabbler said...

What a wonderful garland. I have been trying to think of something to do, and now I have a good idea. It probably will be done in time for Thanksgiving 2007, but that is ok. The labels she made are very sweet. You are one lucky blogger!

Shanna said...

i'm glad you're enjoying it all! and what luck that the garland fits your mantle!

craftydabbler: the garland it just cut up pieces of felt (template for leaves found at martha stewart) then sewed together using wool yarn. easy peasy

blair said...

that is absolutely perfect for Thanksgiving! I was complaining to a friend yesterday that decor (at retail, anyway) seems to just skip over Thanksgiving all together. I may have to have a go at this, it is truly original and lovely. (So is your mantle).

Jennifer said...

This looks really great, Heather! Lucky girl.

tracy said...

love love the garland! lucky bird!