Tuesday, August 08, 2006

We interrupt this program...

This is the new bulletin board! We took down the old one when we were redoing the dining room/computer room/sewing room and it was very quickly taken into possesion by a certain little girl I know.

I had found this Alexander Henry fabric in the >Hancock's catalog and fell in love with it. I didn't want to shell out the cash plus the shipping so I figured I would wait and see what else I could find. I just about had it out of my system when I saw it again and the yearning started all over. When I spotted it at JoAnn Fabrics my heart skipped a beat and I started to sweat a little.

Oh, but I had to play it smooth. At $8.99 a yard and wanting yards and yards, I had to have a plan. I started digging through my purse, then my car for that coupon. Where's the damn coupon when you need it? I went back in and handed my "friendly" associate the bolt and smugly plunked down my 40% coupon only to be told that I could not use a coupon because the calico was on sale 30% off. Okay then, I'll be back. I guess I should mention that I'm a bit of a tightwad.

Back again on Sunday, happy and confident that I would be going home to make my bulletin board, maybe a throw pillow or two, ooh a handbag would be nice, maybe even a skirt. Scanning the wall, cruising the aisles...starting to panic a little. Nothing. I could find two other colorways and every coordinating fabric for this collection, but not my fabric. Little Scarlet had been helping but after about ten minutes I needed some backup. Before long, every associate and a few customers were looking. That's saying a lot too, because our Joann's isn't know for its helpful staff. But apparently, they understand obsession (or maybe they just wanted the frantic, crazy girl out of their store). I'll never know, but after about twenty minutes, someone shouted, "I found it!" Some crazy, fabric stalker had shoved it behind some bolts in the clearance section.

Once fabric had been procured, the rest was easy. I bought the frame while thrifting at the beach last summer. The hideous picture that was in the frame was printed on some kind of fiberboard which holds pushpins really well, so that became the actual bulletin board. I put a layer of batting on, then stretched the fabric over the whole thing and stapled it on the back. Popped the board back in, secured it with a few brads, and viola!

It really added a much needed graphic element to the room. This is the first thing that's gone up on the walls since we painted. The room just looks so clean and fresh, I didn't want to spoil the effect. Now I don't want to hang anything on the board. I have plenty of bills and notes that need to go up there, I just can't do it. Maybe in a week or two. The only thing so far that has been deemed "worthy" of placement on the bulletin board is a blue jay feather Little T gave me this morning.

I have been working on some other projects here and there. The dresses for Little Scarlet are almost done. Two are finished and the other two are awaiting hemming and a bit of trim. I've also been working on my kitchen, moving some things around and putting up shelves. I'll post pictures later this week.


Nessie Noodle said...

akc! wonder if my JoAnn's is carrying that fabric! it is fabu!!

Anathema Device said...

I LOVE that fabric, and the little dres is adorable, too!

(So's the model!)