Friday, July 28, 2006


It's been said all over town, but it bears repeating. It. Is. So. Damn. Hot. I got up this morning before six thinking that it would be nice to go outside, water the tomatoes and have a cup of coffee. That plan lasted um, maybe 30 seconds. After making out with that hot,(not in a good way) moist ghost, I ran back inside, drank my coffee and prayed for rain.

The rain came. And with it, a perfectly good excuse to stay indoors and work on some projects. This pile of dresses is for little Scarlet.

I made one earlier this week to see how it would look. It was cute but I was thinking I wanted something a little less smock-like. It reminded me a little of the housedresses my great-grandma used to wear. Fortunately, small girls can pull this look off without a hitch. She put it on and declared that she wasn't wearing anything else the rest of the summer. And who could blame her? It's easy, comfortable and best of all, cool. So, I'm off to sew these up. They should get her through the rest of the summer and I can start working on fall. Wool and corduroy and flannel, oh my! I love fall.

By the way, I was wondering if any of you knitting girls could tell me what this tool is called? I found it at an estate sale recently and am pretty sure it is what makes yarn into nice, neat twisted bundles, but being yarn ignorant, have no idea what it is called. I'm obsessed with it now, so any information would be medication to my particular illness. You can even make something up, I really don't care. I just need something. I'm tired of it being referred to as "The Poker".


Rosa said...

It looks like a Niddy Noddy. You hold it on the base (the thicker end) and start to wrap around. It looks cool.

Scarlet Tanager said...

It is indeed. Thank you so much. I have looked up everything from wrapper to yarn reeler. I have never even heard the words Niddy Noddy, I thought you were joking. Thanks again, now I can obsess over the polyester dress I just found.

chawne said...

Cute dresses! I love the fabrics. Also, that must have been a great estate sale. That niddy noddy is pretty neat!