Monday, June 12, 2006

Bunny Love

This spectacular little bunny is what was in my Backtack package. Isn't he the cutest thing you've ever seen? That tiny little bag with the tiny little buttons and the strap made from ribbon with my initial on it has an even tinier carrot inside! That's not all, either. Stephanie spoiled me rotten. Look what else I got.

Those are little journals with the babes' and my initials on them. So sweet! Theirs had stickers and mine had a scarlet tanager button which I immediately fell in love with. I say had because the stickers disappeared like magic. The boy pasted his on every surface he could find, and little scarlet is a hoarder so I haven't seen hers, but I'm sure they are someplace very safe and special. There is also some vintage rick rack and a bundle of fabric.
I thought about saving the packages for the next day, but I have no restraint so I began gleefully tearing them open. I also have to admit I sat on this whole package for over a week, mostly because, like a small child, I have to have time to play with my toys before I am willing to share. Now that I have confessed, let's move on.
Inside was a felt needle book tied with more of that great initial ribbon. Can you see the H's on there? There is a pine cone, that round thing with the button on it is a tape measure and last but not least, a fabulous tissue holder.

Stephanie, your craftsmanship is superb, and you are the sweetest, most generous person I have never met. Thank you so much!


stephanie said...

thank you! it was absolutely my pleasure to put this together for you. hope backtack was fun for you.

stephanie said...
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