Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Progress and Linky Gossip

I hope all you mamas had a wonderful Mother's Day!

I made a huge effort to stay away from the computer last week so that I could get some things done. When I got back, I felt like I had missed several episodes of my favorite T.V. show. For anyone else who may have missed it: Alicia did a podcast for craftsanity, Amanda and Mav are patiently awaiting the arrival of Lisa who is spending the week with them (I cannot wait to see what develops here), and Stephanie who makes fan-flippin-tabulous little cuties like these is making little ol' me a softie for Backtack 3. Okay, I've known about this last one for quite awhile, but have only recently been able to talk about it without breaking into fits of giddiness that I felt was totally uncool for Blogworld. Now, for some reason, I don't really care who knows how uncool I am. I am ready to admit that I am a craftstar groupie.

And now for the weather...it is nuts. While there are unseasonably hot temperatures here and here we are suffering unseasonably low temperatures. I think it may have reached 50 today. Brrr.

The time away was very productive. I started making a slipcover for our sofa. I bought the fabric from eBay two years ago, but we won't talk about that. I have never made slipcovers before but it's actually pretty easy. I just pinned the fabric together with the right side facing the sofa then pulled it off and sewed it together. The trick is to just fit and pin one small section at a time.

I'll post more pictures when its done. I decided to use a different fabric on one side of the seat cushions to break up all of that dark and am now searchin for said fabric. This color was not my first choice. I wanted something much lighter, but considering things can get pretty messy around here, dark denim seemed to be a logical choice. I'm hoping it will lighten up a bit after a few washings. I washed it a few times before I started (that was an adventure), but it is still really, really dark.

I checked Generation T out of the library and then promptly began digging out all the t-shirts that I won't wear because they make me look like a box. I like this much better now.

I since I spend a significant amount of time admiring your corners I figured I would spruce up the place enough to show you one of mine. This is my sewing area, which is in our dining room. Every time I am working on something, it ends up looking this way.

Behold the new and improved sewing corner. And I did it just for you loyal readers (all five of you). You better look quick though, I have a feeling it won't stay like this very long.

On a kick, I also overhauled both of the babes' closets, but I won't bore you with the photos. Now, I've moved on to the kitchen. I'm working on some shelves and will post pics as soon as I'm finished.

Have a great week!


Joanne S said...

I have two big chairs that used to be dark denim. They fade just like jeans. the sun, friction of bodies and shoes (kids) across the surface. by the end of summer the denim should look just like a nice *old pair of jeans*. and since it's a slipcover--you can wash it frequently.

I saw these interesting tie on seat covers on Country Style this morning. They wrapped over the seat of the cushion not around the front of the cushion and were secured with ties. the bow or knots decorated the front of the cushions. Looked real nice.

Jennifer said...

Ok - totally drooling over your stash!! Glad you had a chance to get some stuff done. Love the tee!

Amanda Button said...

I am having SERIOUS tee-shirt envy!!! That Fleetwood Mac shirt is TO DIE! :) Wonderful work!

Alicia A. said...

I think we're all cool in a very "uncool" sort of way. You know what I mean?!

You'll have to show pictures and give tips when your slipcover is done. I just bought 20 yards of fabric to do one for the world's longest and ugliest couch!

teedle. said...

WOW! Look at all of that fabric!! I would love to display mine in a case where I could see and look at it all of the time... I think it would help my prrocrastination to actually get things done every once in a while!! :)
Oh, I linked through the apron blog and love yours now!! I will check back soon :)