Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Block Swap

I finally finished all my blocks for block swap. I had this set done since the end of March which is very uncharacteristic of me, I normally tend to put things off and frantically finish at the last second. I was holding out on the last two blocks because I was really getting burned out on the mint and squash colors. Robin's-egg blue and curry were on back order, apparently this was the case for a lot of people participating because Jessica extended the deadline.

Here are the last two with the robin's egg blue:

This was my first attempt at quilt blocks, and I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out. I've decided that signing up for a swap is a great way to learn something new. It seems I do my best work when it is for someone else, plus it's leaving the house so I can't sit around and criticize it. The deadline thing doesn't hurt either.

Now that the blocks are in the mail, I am looking out for black and white fabrics to use for Back Tack 3. I missed BT2, so I'm really excited about this. We are making a softie, and two of the patterns being used were designed by hillary, whom I adore.


Jennifer said...

They came out beautifully! Wouldn't know this was your first time making quilt blocks!

bekka said...

what is the pattern in your top block? are those doughnuts or lifsavers? quite lovely.