Monday, March 27, 2006

Estate Auction

As I mentioned earlier, I went to an estate sale while I was home. My intention was to scope it out, stay for an hour or so, then spend the rest of the day doing something else. My step-mom and I got there bright and early and found several things we wanted to bid on. She was interested in a recliner for her basement, and I had my eye on a box full of old buttons and a basket of sewing goodies. There was also a vintage Fiestaware pitcher that was calling my name (shouting really). It was blue-ass cold so we truly didn't expect to stay long.

Many, many hours later, frozen but happy, we left with our arms and the car full. Neither of us bought anything that we had initially wanted (which is often the case). Susan bought a nice yellow Fiesta bowl (funny because she doesn't collect, but no one seemed to want it because of a small crack and she couldn't bear to see it sell for less than $6). It now has a wonderful home to spend the rest of its days.

The purchase of the day was this fabulous quilt top I got for $14. Judging by the fabric, I'm guessing 50's. It's in excellent shape, the fabric is strong and the stitches are tight. As soon as I find a nice backing fabric, I'll have it quilted. When I was bidding, I thought about reselling it, but the fabrics are so great, I can't bear to part with it.

I also bought a basket, a box of kitchen stuff, a bag of crochet-edge hankies (46 in all), a lot of other nice linens, and a bunch of wood picture frames. It never fails to amuse me how people will not bid on picture frames. I can always get several nice wood frames for a buck or two, yet people will pay retail for cheap-looking frames with no character.

I'm really happy with the purchases I made, but even if I hadn't found one thing, this still would have been a great sale. I was able to catch up with some old friends I hadn't seen in years, meet their children, and even make some new friends. It makes me miss home.


Sandy said...

Love that quilt top! The fabrics are great, so pretty and bright.

Barb said...

At first I thought you were going to say you got the yellow kitty there, lol. So glad to see a quilt going to someone who can appreciate it. My sister-in-law has her dogs sleeping on one someone gave her. It boggles the mind. Thank you for the blog comment and for thinking of me.

farmgirl said...

That quilt top is absolutely spectacular. What a splendid find! : )

chawne said...

That's a gorgeous quilt top! I like (re)finishing/(re)quilting tops every once in a while for fun. Congrats!

Anonymous said...
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