Sunday, March 26, 2006

A Bit Sheepish

We had a great time visiting my folks. The Maple Festival was fantastic, as always. I scored big with a rug for the foyer, a silver ring, two new cookie cutters and some Easter sprinkles, my yearly gallon of maple syrup, and two dozen maple doughnuts. The little Tanager's came home with new earrings and a wooden sword. Mr. Tanager didn't fair as well, poor guy. Every year he buys a big bag of homemade pork rinds and a big box of trout, he talks of nothing but this weeks prior to the trip, and this year, tragedy....both were forgotten. Left at my parents' house to suffer the inevitable... I can just picture my dad scarfing down that trout and laughing.

Our trip was much more relaxed this year, we actually got to spend some quality time with family, did some sightseeing, and I even went to an estate sale on Saturday (more on that later).

One of the biggest attractions every year is the lambs. I have always loved sheep, and my daughter seems to share this affinity. This little guy squeezed through the gate and came right to the fence to greet her. I think he was hoping for a bottle, but little fingers will do in a pinch.

She had requested a lamb some time ago, so I knew getting to play with real, live ones would only remind her that I am a slacker, so after tinkering a bit, I came up with this:
I didn't get the face quite the way I wanted, so I'm still fooling with that. I have some nice wool and angora that I want to use when I get everything just right. This little guy was well received however and promptly named "Wooly".

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farmgirl said...

I am in love with Wooly! And it's such a treat to see adorable photos of someone else's lambs. : )