Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Mapron

I have been admiring all of the fabulous aprons over at Tie One On, and have been wanting to get involved with this for quite a while. This months' theme is a mapron (man apron), and since my husband has been in desperate need of an upgrade from the little Lowe's number he wears, this seemed like the perfect opportunity. I seriously thought he would be game. When I told him I was making him a mapron, his initial response was, "Aprons are girly." Okay, I'll give him that. Every apron that I have either worn or made has been high on the girly scale, but I reassured him that it was only a nail apron and would not, under any circumstance be meant to take the place of his big, manly (and sexy) toolbelt. "I like my Lowe's nail holder just fine, but if you want to make one, go ahead." And he shot me a look that said that unless it was made out of cowhide and barbed wire and shoots real bullets, he didn't want anything to do with it.

Not to be defeated, I made it anyway. I figured if I used some masculine colors and materials, he would change his mind. I found some army green canvas that reminded me of his favorite pants. As for the pockets, I tried to think of something that be a nice contrast, yet not compromise the masculine quality desired. After trying a couple different fabrics (suede, burlap) I decided to go novelty.I thought about some things he really likes and came up with beer and porn. I was all out of porn fabric, so beer it was.

Now all I had to do was convince him to put it on and let me take some snaps. So, I brought him a beer, then two, then three. Now thoroughly loosened up, I told him it was a contest of sorts and all he had to do was let me take his picture. Somewhat placated by the possibility that he and other men would compete against one another, he agreed. I have not seen him and the mapron in the same room since. I figure I might as well adopt it, add a bit of priss, and make it mine. I can always use another apron.


neysa said...

Love it. I love the murse and the manziere, so why wouldn't I love the mapron.

What's next? The mirt? Oh, wait, that's a kilt.

Barb said...

I love the way you wrote that up. I find it quite sexy AND quite manly, thank you very much.