Friday, December 12, 2008

backity tack

Back Tack packages have been sent and received so I can finally show you what I got (it wasn't two turntables and a microphone) and what I made.

My swap partner, Beverly, knitted me this gorgeous neck wrap. I've never worn a one, but as soon as my friend Chris saw it, she was all like, "You'll be so addicted to it, you'll wear it all the time." She was right. I luuuurve it.

Bev also sent these lovely, sparkly cards and some yummy-smelling orange clove soap that I keep having to hide from the rest of the fam. I can't decide if they're bathing with it or trying to eat it. Oh, and there was a box of chocolate truffles...which lasted about a day. And I can't blame that on my family.

And she made this fab tree from sequins and sewing pins. It looks right at home on the mantle...with the Queen of Diamonds my son insists is now part of our Christmas decor.

Thanks Beverly, everything is wonderful!

Now, what I made. Beverly is an earring-wearing writer who loves ginger and has three dogs. Okay, she's really much more fab and complex than that, but these are the things that I chose to work with.

I made her two pairs of earrings for a little holiday sparkle. The ginger cracks in the earlier post were baked especially for Bev, and were made twice because someone ate so many that I didn't have enough for my package. I couldn't send cookies without sending a little sumpin' sumpin' for her doggies, so we baked them some treats as well.

My favorite part was making the ornaments. The Scrabble ornaments were a take on the bracelets I made last year; they look lovely on the tree and I'll be making more. The idea for the house ornaments came from a past issue of Christmas Ideas magazine (I think). The small houses with big print made me think of big Alice with her arms and legs poking out of the house, so I used a page from the book to cover one of the ornaments.

A huge thanks to the girls who work so hard to put Back Tack together! I think I speak for all of us when I say we love it and great job!!! (just don't make us wait so long for the next one, kay?)


Beverly said...

I LOVE everything! The cookies are long gone (so yummy--glad you posted the recipe!).

Truly, everything you sent was so thoughtful and beautiful, but I really, really, really am crazy for the book houses. Seriously crazy for them. They're on my mantel, and I may bring them to my office after the holidays so I can enjoy them all year round.

I'll post about the goodness this weekend!

Genuine said...

That cowl looks really nice; you're lucky to have a friend that knits for you!

Scarlet said...

Cowl! That's the word I was looking for. Thanks.

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