Sunday, November 30, 2008

cranberry pancakes and black trees

I hope everyone had a warm, family-filled and yummy Thanksgiving! In an effort to bid fall adios and welcome the Christmas season, I'd planned on giving you my recipe for cranberry cornmeal pancakes, but I lost it before I could get a chance to post it.

Generally, when I feel like trying something new, I either start with a basic recipe and add whatever I think sounds good, or I find several different recipes and pick and choose what I think will work. Then I write down what I used, so if it turns out well I can recreate it and share. I have a hard time keeping up with all the little papers of my life, so I try to post my recipes somewhere before I have a chance to lose them.

If you do happen to see a piece of purple, Hannah Montana paper with a bunch of ingredients scribbled on it, it's mine. Maybe it's hanging out with my recipe for eggnog cake that I lost two years ago, or the chocolate cookie one that I lost last week.

I do have one last fall tidbit to share. I was in want of some autumnish pictures, but lacked the funds to plaster my foyer with these beauties, so I had the babes paint me some lovely fall trees.

They turned out great and I have a feeling they will be returning next year to add some fall color to the foyer. This project was featured by That Artist Woman at the Crafty Crow a while back. If you have kids (or even if you don't) and haven't been to the Crafty Crow, go there pronto. I love it for finding kid-friendly art and craft projects, as well as good book recommendations.

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