Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall Fiber Festival

The babes and I spent last weekend with Granddad and not only did we get to visit a huge, rockin' yard sale, we also had the pleasure of visiting the Fall Fiber Festival at Montpelier. What fun!

There was tons of really beautiful yarn and roving, my favorite was a vendor who had lovely mohair and she was knitting it right out of the bag, uncarded and unspun. Just big, loopy tendrils of brightly-colored mohair, knitted on size 36 needles. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. She was making some type of jacket or poncho(I forget the name) that criss-crosses but I thought the technique would be perfect for a wall-hanging or throw. I was so fascinated watching however, that I didn't think to take pictures or get her card.

There were also several spinning demonstrations and lots of wheels for sale. I'm looking for my first wheel and found it really helpful to have knowledgeable dealers of several brands in one place to compare features as well as hear their personal opinions. I also got some good advice and hands-on practice which has improved my drop-spindle technique immensely.

I must admit though, Dad and I, like the kids, spent most of our time checking out all the wooly animals and watching dogs herd sheep...and eating ice cream.

No one told us Robert Plant was going to be there.

The alpacas are always a favorite because they're so sweet!

Now, about that yard sale. It was the Lion's Club annual yard sale and it was a doozy. I found a big stainless steel pot perfect for home brew for $2 and some other kitchen doodads. The find of the day though was a desk for Little Scarlet's room. I had been searching for months for just the right size and for $20 and a bit of luck, it was ours. Getting it in my car was another matter altogether. After trying for two hours (we are a persistent folk), my Dad finally strapped it to the top of the car, hillbilly-style and we made the five and a half hour drive home.

It's the perfect place for a little girl to do homework and write stories on her own yard-sale treasure.

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