Sunday, August 17, 2008

that's it

I've had it. I ordinarily don't use this space to vent and bitch about the daily grind and to be honest I don't usually read blogs that are based on such so consider yourself warned if you come here for craft...or recipes...or rabbits... or however the hell you got here or had the notion to come back, I'm getting ready to spew.

We live in a nice neighborhood. We all know each other and look out for one another. My husband and I have been looking for a bigger chunk of land but it has much more to do with needing space for chickens and clotheslines than the company we keep. We know all the neigborhoood kids (teenagers included) because they regularly make use of our backyard and basketball/tennis/bike/skate court that adjoins us.

Sooo, Saturday morning when a friend came over to tell me about a great yard sale across the way, I threw the bread in the oven and packed the kids into the car. Only the car was a mess. My visor was down and there was stuff from my console strung all over my seat. I knew even before I made the call to my husband that some jacknut had been in my car and had stolen all my CD's. And you see, it's not even the monetary value (which I couldn't seem to get officer what's-his-face to understand, nor did he seem at all interested in the fact that it had happened to many our neighbors as well as the ones on the adjacent street) it's the fact that some slimy, naive stranger had sat his juvenile ass in my car, had reached into my console and grabbed all my homemade, swapped, mixed-by-friends, and personally-made-by-my-husband-for-me CD's while not bothering the pursefull of change or the dvd's my daughter had left in the back. I think, "We're living in a different world now, you need to make sure your car doors are locked...By the way, what's your name again?" was his answer.

Yeah, yeah. Whatever. I even tried to shake it off, thinking "Okay, so some kids snagged your favorite CD's, maybe it'll change their lives. They might even start listening to some decent music".

That was Friday night. As you can imagine, the husband was livid. Probably as much by the fact that some jacknut had been in my car as the fact he was the one to leave the doors unlocked. Truthfully, that's neither here nor there, because I left all the windows down recently and it rained inside. So there. It gets better, trust me.

The Mister and I were sitting out on the porch tonight, talking and having a couple beers when a trio of teenaged boys walked up the hill, walked right in front of our nicely shaded-with-flora front porch and not only tried to open his truck door but vocally stated, "Yeah, you know this old truck is unlocked."


That would be his 'new' old Chevy truck. The one that makes a rumblin' sound coming up the driveway. The one I heard about for two months before I even met her. The one I drove to a farm auction on Friday and enjoyed it (even though I'm a Ford truck girl).

OMG! Talk about run! I've never seen boys carry on such. You would think that two thirty-something's chasing after teenagers and shouting (okay,that would be me doing all the shouting)"You better run, motherf******s!" would only conjure laughter. But no. They ran. And unfortunatly, even though the Mister and I split up and he taking the direct path and me taking the alley where I thought they would most likely away.

Oh, but they'll be back. Young, stupid boys with balls bigger than their brains always come back...and we'll be waiting.


Jennifer said...

My husband and I would have done the exact same thing. Vigilante justice!

Rebecca said...

just the sound of slide-action shotgun should have them p*****g their pants next time. hope you scared them off for good though!

Donutbuzz said...

They obviously have no clue who they're messing with, Scarlet. No. Clue.

Elvis Drinkmo said...

Talk about some bullshit. I know exactly what you mean about the CDs. One the one hand, I wish you'd have caught them so that you and Mr. Tanager could have laid a few welts on their asses, but on the other hand you two would have ended up in jail because I guarantee that Officer Donuts would have spent more time on you then he did on the assholes who stole your CDs.

Hell, you guys need to move up here (if only there was some jobs). The last outbreak of theft we had out here ended abruptly when one of my eighty-five year woman neighbors got out her .12 gage and unloaded on some dumb ass kids scrambling for their car. None of the bastards got hurt, but it sure did put end to the fuckin' around.

Elvis Drinkmo said...

make that "eighty-five year old woman neighbor".

Do you need some new CDs for a new collection? If so, give me a holler and I'll see what I can cook up.

Anonymous said...

i got robbed last week too... by a fifteen year old hoooligan. he got away with damians bike, 5 gallons of gas, weedeater, and our neighbor caught him as he was getting away with the lawn mower. i got called from work to come find his little punk ass. instead i found his coke addict father and step mother who provided his probation officers number off the top of her head.
luckily we got everything back... we had to fish the weedeater out of a tree... and found some little fat kid riding the bike that was sold to him for one dollar.
best part the cop asked him what he wanted to do with his life and he said "run around" the cop then asked how he planned to pay for running around and he said "steal stuff"

yo sis

Scarlet Tanager said...

OMG! Okay, little sister, you win.

Makes my little cd situation seem so petty now. I'm glad you got everything back.

Rebecca-no such luck. My friend up the street called last evening to tell me they were headed our way. They saw her talking on the phone and hightailed it back the other way.

Elvis-thanks man. I'm always up for new music. I'd like to get some swapping action going as soon as the kids are in school and picking/canning season winds down.

Elvis Drinkmo said...

Hell, that's only a couple weeks away. I'm always down for some CD swappin'.

Just be glad you got garden stuff to can. If you all move out to the country, take a friend's advice and buy an electric fence.

Bitterbetty said...

They'll be back, but they'll be skipping your house.

Juanuchis said...

Damn shame that efforts to protect your (generic your) property that result in injury to scumbags gets you in deep shit whilst said scumbags move on to other pickings.

Yay for the 85-year-old, Elvis!

Scarlet, those are some good-lookin' buns, too!

Beekeebear said...

Holy crap.

I wish you'd caught 'em!

Set up a camera for next time!!