Monday, July 21, 2008

the tharn barn

The bunny population has increased dramatically around here. Remember the two does I was supposed to be getting? Well, somehow (somehow being my bunny pusher friend, Nancy) two turned into four and I came home with a buck and three does. And they are growing like weeds. We tried to get pictures when they were still tiny (meaning the kids would try to round them up and I would try to snap the pic) but it just didn't work out. This crew is wild and won't set still for much of anything.

This is Buster. Sometimes we call him floppy because he has an ear that droops.

This is Lucille. Lucille is my little troublemaker. She causes all sorts of mischief. When we first brought the bunnies home, everyone was really shy and a bit nervous in the new environment. Except Lucille. She took off and explored every inch of the house, chased the cats and had absolutely no qualms about peeing on furniture.

At first I had all four babies in one cage in the basement until I could make more space. We came downstairs the second morning only to find bunny berries everywhere (and I do mean everywhere, I had no idea four tiny bunnies could poop so much in an eight hour period). However, there were no bunnies to be seen, only a very disgruntled cat who bolted upstairs after having been accidentally locked in the basement all night. I wasn't concerned because Jasper is a big fraidy cat, but since there were no bunnies, I began to think that they had driven him mad and he had no choice but to gobble them up. I called them a few times and finally bunnies came running from all directions waiting to be fed. They had knocked their feeder out and climbed out the hole where it had been. I stuck everyone back in the cage and before I could replace the feeder, Lucille came bounding out the hole, so I know it was her who pushed it out and I wouldn't doubt that she came back and demanded everyone else go with her.

Lucille is so rotten that I had to have Little T hold her to get her picture. She kept making faces. Think I'm kidding?

Evil I tell ya. I should have named her Bunnicula.

This is Lucille II. Sweet and shy, nothing like that other Lucille.

And this adorable little girl is Annyong.

I have even more surprises, but I'll save them for tomorrow.

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