Tuesday, February 26, 2008

oatmeal bread with cinnamon and raisins

This bread is delicious. There is nothing like a thick slice toasted with a bit of butter and honey for breakfast...except maybe a slice (or even two!) slathered with peanut butter and accompanied by a bowl of vegetable soup for lunch.

I found the recipe here. Bake some. Food for the soul. Freeze a loaf, or better yet, give to your friends and feed their souls too. Use a really big bowl though, or the dough will climb right out and become your overlord.


Heather said...

LOL overlord! hehe. Very yummy looking!

Charlie Tee said...

OK, so my mouth is seriously watering...You had me at Peanut buter.
Great blog...I've added you to my list.Stop by and check it out.
Lovingly,Charlie Tee :-)