Tuesday, February 05, 2008

happy all the time

Saturday I was going through some old photos and noticed that in every single one I had this huge smile. Not a "cheese for the camera" kind of smile, but a genuine happiness that lit up my whole face. I was pondering the origin of this happiness and wondering if I had lost it, or maybe just misplaced it like so many other things around here, when I heard the mailman on the porch.

Wow! A present! For moi? Thank you so much!! I love you!

It was a DIY New Year's greeting from Jennifer over at the The Felt Mouse . Jen is one of the first crafty friends I met when I began this blogging adventure and hers is still the first blog I go to each morning. She's funny, smart, wildly creative and very generous with her friends (even the deadbeat ones who don't keep in touch).

But I'm sure you already knew all that if you read her blog. What you may not have known is that she's also magic. Don't believe me? Check it out.

Exactly what I was looking for! It even smiles!

Thanks Jen!!

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