Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I hadn't planned on making a giant to-do list to ring in the New Year. Quite the contrary, I hadn't planned on making a list at all. I figured I should just wing it and spare myself the guilt of not getting things done. Or just resolve to "be a better person", whatever that means. But as the urge to tear through the house and shovel everything in my path into a garbage bag and then alphabetize anything that remained swept over me (as it always does this time of year) so did the urge to plan, to plot, to write down all the things that need done and put it in a sacred place where I know I can find it - instead of floating around in some notebook that will be lost by the end of the week.

So if reading lists excites you, or if you ever need to know what I'm doing when I'm not here, read on. I'll update as soon as I get something done and as soon as I figure out how to draw a line through text in html.

In the meantime, here's a picture of my now neat kitchen cabinets with their shiny new contact paper.

Home Improvement

hang crown molding
refinish banister

finish peeling wallpaper
fix outlet
add light fixture at top of stairs

fix ceiling
light fixture over sink
install fan
new counter top

Living Room
figure out what to do about walls
molding around hearth
peel paper
patch, skim coat or texture

complete overhaul
new toilet
tub surround
rebuild dividing wall b/t tub and toilet
tear out old paneling and install bead board or tile
add an outlet
towel bar beside sink
pedestal sink

stairs on back porch
screen in porch
scape and paint front porch floor
paint back porch and floor
stain deck

plant ground cover under magnolia
grade west side
plant something on west side to stop erosion and hide trash cans
build retaining walls on east side or plant something to stop erosion
get rid of concrete pile
plan perennial bed out back

clean out front flower bed 1/8
move roses
move raised bed 3/17
triple garden space or find lot somewhere else
order seeds 3/2
start seeds 3/12
cold frames?

keep one datebook/notebook (this will make or break you)
resurrect the chore list
clear out/organize file cabinet 1/10
enter all inventory and invoices into system
do taxes early
eliminate unused kitchen items
reorganize kitchen cabinets
clear out/organize/rearrange bedroom
rearrange magazines by month 1/10 not working, change back to annual
bookcase on east wall
keep Jasper out
touch up paint in Little T's room 2/08

repaint floor
organize closet
paint Little S room 2/08
desk and bookcase new dresser 2/15

move bulletin board recovered and moved 2/15
aquarium 2/15

try 52 new recipes
brew one batch of beer per month (2 down, 10 to go)
organize recipes and put them all in one place
make 3 or 4 menus with grocery lists for faster shopping

finish quilt
finish WIPs start knitting instead 2/06
Etsy - either sell or get off the pot
organize fabric stash (give some away)
get sewing machine fixed
teach Little S cross-stitch and french knot

come up with a modest budget and stick to it!!!
either sell ebay stuff or get rid of it and lose the guilt

organize photos and put them on disc 1/13
remove old photo software 1/13
organize blog (categories, maybe add third column for books, etc)
update links
update twice a week

nurture friendships
be more patient with my children (and my husband)
remember birthdays
get my spa business going again
get off the perfectionism train


Bitterbetty said...

okay your list made me feel like a slacker. But I think we can still be friends.. if you want a slacker friend.
( if i was honest with myself my list would be as long but it is too intimidating.. You are really brave.)

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

another of your slacker friends checking in. Thank you so much for your kind comments. I just can't seem to get going on my blogging - I don't really know what the problem is besides me not having internet at home which I'm sticking to for now. sigh. I need some list action too I guess.

jennyville said...

Jesus, that's a long list! It's making me tired just reading about doing all those things. :D

Elvis Drinkmo said...

I think my New Year's Resolution is to stop making New Year's resolutions.

It seems to doom all future plans to failure.

Nevertheless, good luck Scarlet- especially with the one about being patient with your husband. :)

I know another woman who could use to make a resolution like that one (hint: she lives in this house).

Heidi said...

Wow, that is one long list! Hey, how do you do the line through text anyway?

(Nice clean cabinets!)

Scarlet Tanager said...

Shhh! No need to throw the "s" word around. We're all friends here. How do you think my list became so long in the first place? Some of those home improvement projects have been on my to-do for years!

Elvis - think positively!

Heidi - it's easy, but blogger refuses to let me show you. Try here: