Tuesday, January 29, 2008

good day sunshine

I had big plans to work on the stairwell today but when a little girl woke up with a sore tummy, we decided to just take it easy.

We baked no-knead bread,

some cookies,

she showed me how to babysit...

and I showed her that yarn can indeed be made from cat hair.


Elvis Drinkmo said...

Man, yarn from cat hair.

We could make a fortune on that up here in the Drinkmo household.

jennyville said...

You know what's better than even that, though?

Shearing cats. Hell yeah. :D

Turtlemoss said...

I can offer you up a ton of black and white fur if you ever need any from our 4 boys...even the birds don't want it!

Scarlet Tanager said...

Ha! I'm tempted to take you up on it. I'm obsessed with making a cat-hair scarf.