Friday, November 02, 2007

Nice Day for a Black Wedding

On Saturday October 27, on the top of a very cold and windy mountain, my baby sister married her high school sweetheart. It was breathtaking. Oh and the ceremony was lovely too.
I admit I was more than a bit skeptical of the hand binding, the stone circle, their druid friend whom they'd ordained, and the wedding party throwing sand and feathers everywhere. But by the time things got going, I realized it was the best ceremony I’ve ever attended. Certainly more entertaining than the traditional church weddings I’ve been to, including my own.

The bride wore a white satin gown trimmed in black. She looked so beautiful even while wobbling back and forth on that rock that she was perched upon (she is much shorter than her beau and thought the rock might even them up). The rest of the wedding party wore black, save for Little Scarlet, whose gown was similar to the bride’s.

The babes did a splendid job of petal tossing and ring bearing, after the initial shock and disappointment that the boy was not going to wear a bear suit. He thought we said "ring bear".

The guests were on their best behavior,(even the Oompa-Loompa and the Grateful Dead bears managed to keep it together!)despite their penchant for mischief and their pre-wedding cocktails.
Congratulations little sister. You picked a great guy. I love you and wish you all the happiness in the world!


telfair said...

Hi there, found you via The Felt Mouse and I'm enjoying my visits!

Just had to say that this is the coolest theme for a wedding and that it looks like so much fun, compared to the weddings I've been to lately (and my own, come to think of it.)

jennyville said...

Hahaha, ring bear?! That's awesome.

I know it must have been freezing on top of Canaan! I'll bet the dead bears stayed warm though... what a unique ceremony!