Saturday, September 08, 2007


Hungry for some new music as well as the chance to get to know people a bit better, I hosted a little mix tape swap over at wvbloggers. Well, technically it was a cd swap, but mix tape just sounds right. Does that make me old?

I received this great mix from Red Zeppelin . Thanks, Red!

Glory and Consequence ~ Ben Harper
Destination Unknown ~ Missing Persons
Can't Get It Out of My Head ~ Velvet Revolver
A Small Victory ~ Faiith No More
Wild World ~ Me First & The Gimme Gimmes
Big Swiftly ~ Frank Zappa
That's The Way ~ Led Zeppelin
No Escape From The Blues ~ Muddy Waters
There to Here ~Joe Lally
Don't Forget Where You're Coming From ~ Joe Grushecky
Hello Charleston ~Vince Lewis
Thickfreakness ~ The Black Keys
Baby Gotterdammerung ~ Monster Magnet
Seed of Memory ~ Terry Reid
Stockton Gala Days ~ 10,000 Maniacs
Get on the Boat ~ Prince
See You in Your Dreams ~ KISS

I immediately liked the Wild World cover and and the Velvet Revolver song, neither of which I had previously heard, and I love anything from Muddy Waters, Terry Reed and the Black Keys. But like most new-to-me music, I found myself picking through through the unfamiliar and "comepletely different than what I listen to" stuff. Now, I know that I don't have to like everything that I hear, but I felt like the whole point of this swap was to try new things (don't I sound just like a mom, or a swinger, I'm not sure which) so I put it in the player and set out cleaning the house. What I found is, while I could still throw Frank Zappa and Vince Lewis into the Kanawha River and never look back, I've grown quite fond of the rest. Thanks again, Red.

My mix went out to Elvis Drinkmo. I tried choosing songs I love that I thought someone else might like but then I ended up with over 100 songs, so I narrowed it down by choosing songs that had pretty guitar. Hence the name, Pretty Guitar.

Steady As She Goes ~The Raconteurs
Good Day to Die ~ Travis
Sweet Carolina ~ Ryan Adams
Rock n Roll Ain't Noise Pollution ~ AC/DC
Monsters ~ Band of Horses
Hardest Button To Button ~White Stripes
I'm Always in Love (acoustic) ~ Wilco
Don't Think Twice ~ Mike Ness
Going To California ~ Led Zeppelin
Need ~ Mudhoney
Nothing Compares 2 U ~ Stereophonics
South Tacoma Way ~ Neko Case


jennyville said...

Steady As She Goes went on my mix - and I nearly put on both some Band of Horses and Stereophonics but decided at the last minute that they didn't quite fit.

Speaking of Wilco, I got an email just this morning about a new thing they're trying for concerts. They're letting fans vote in advance for songs they want to hear during the show. Pretty neat, I think! The only hard part is narrowing it down to one. :)

Rebecca Burch said...

Both those mixes sound awesome! Thanks for arranging the swap. It was fun! We should do it again.

Elvis Drinkmo said...

Thank you so much for the CD, Scarlett, I've listened to it everyday since I got it (The AC/DC song was a really nice touch, I love AC/DC and have no problem putting their CDs right in the shuffler with John Coltrane, Hank Sr., and Public Enemy).

I would have listed the songs at my blog, but since my blog is a parody that really isn't meant to be taken too seriously, I didn't know how to do it- I also have a problem figuring out how to do tags.

Anyway, thank you, thank you, thank you!