Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I went to the Asian supermarket today. Talk about a kid in the candy store! These are all little Valentine's gifts for the babes and Big T. I also bought some White Rabbits, but sadly they could not make it for the picture.

We went to Little Scarlet's book fair tonight. Nothing has changed except now they have lots of toys and bright, eye-catching temptations in the check-out line. Maybe they have always had that stuff and I just never noticed. I loved book fairs when I was little. I would make a list of the books I wanted while we were at school and start pestering grandma as soon as I got home. I still have the very first book that I ever bought from the book fair when I was in first grade.

Well-loved and well-worn with stains on most of the pages, it has a few special recipes tucked inside and lots of notes where I had doubled or halved recipes or commented on taste.

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