Tuesday, October 10, 2006

now we're cookin'

It's apron swap time again! This time its a holiday theme. Yippee!! Sarah and Mary sent this little meme to get the party started

1. what kind of holiday party food do you like best? finger food buffet or sit down multi-course style?
Finger food.
Our sit down dinners are pretty traditional, but I'm always willing to try something new.

2. do you make/use those little name cards for your table seating or is that just another little something that magazines are trying to add to our already long holiday to-do list?
Every holiday season I have this fantasy of having a fabulous dinner with placecards and some fancy centerpiece. The whole family and all our friends will be there. Oh, it will be grand....someday.

3. do you miss sitting at the "kid's table"?


4. any particular holiday party traditions that you like to do every year?
At Christmas time our families have informal get-togethers with finger foods and desserts.

I usually host something in the fall. If everyone can't get together for Thanksgiving, I try to get them together for dessert night.

5. Which is your favorite winter holiday?

Christmas, of course.

6. do you make or have you tasted any good egg nog recipes...whether using it in a dish or as a drink?

I have a great eggnog cake recipe that I will post as soon as I can find it.

7. fruit cake .... do you love it or think it should be used as a door stop?
Doorstop. Now rum cake on the other hand....

8. What do you like to do to get yourself in the holiday sprit (ie. certain music, visiting certain seasonal sites, enjoying winter weather, ect.).

Right after Thanksgiving we crank up the holiday tunes, drag out the Christmas tree and have some eggnog.

10. Any ideas for interesting holiday themed parties? (Even if it's really out there -- like renting a snow machine and having everyone build snowmen if you live in a no-snow areas!)

Damn, you took mine.


my house is cuter than yours said...

Hi! Welcome to the swap! Would love to see your egg nog cake recipe!

Scarlet Tanager said...

mary, mary, quite contrary,
i'm still looking! i made a bunch last year and gave them out as gifts...this place looks like a craft room vomited. i'll find it though, promise.